Tree Of Love Nusa Penida

Tree Of Love Nusa Penida – If you want a holiday to Bali certainly confused want where. It is natural because there are thousands of beautiful sights and interesting to visit. But, certainly You want always more memorable when coming to Bali. If so, try to tour Nusa Penida enjoy the pristine natural environment with amazing view. Day trip Nusa Penida is favored foreigners, they usually prefer snorkelling packages to view its marine.

Nusa Penida is a small island in the islands of Bali, but the place is not sepadat Bali. So, it can be said to be quieter and most fitting to quiet the mind. In Nusa Penida Tour, you will feel a sensation of different holidays and tour package nusa penida available. To get a memorable tour experience, you can head to the tree of love Nusa Penida.

The Natural Beauty of Tree Of Love Dead Nusa Penida

It is a tree of love Dead that becomes the tourist destinations target in tour package nusa penida, especially for those who like to take pictures. The setting is very beautiful indeed, surely will be a nice photo and unforgettable. Tree of Love dead is also called the Love Wood Dead Nusa Penida are located around the coast of the Kelingking or Pinkie Beach. The location of the destination tour Nusa Penida is precisely in the garage before the Kelingking beach.

At first glance looks like a dried tree without leaves, but after a closer will make your legs to climb them. This tree is not too high with strong branches and can be carried by two people. If you can’t climb the tree, provided by a ladder to get to the above. Day Trip Nusa Penida destinations indeed endless pampering tourists.

The Uniqueness Of The Tree Of Love Nusa Penida

From the top of the tree of love, you can see the exotic nature with panoramic views overlooking the ocean. When you visit this area of tour Nusa Penida make important moment together as a couple. You may be proposing to her in a tree, giving the romantic words and pinned a ring. Don’t forget to capture these moments because it certainly is a memorable one.

While at the bottom of the tree, there is a Chair that you can use to relax and enjoy the landscape. This tree of love is a tree with age and was made with wood and looks fragile. Though it may seem so, but being able to sustain the body of two people. Will certainly be a wonderful thing to feel looked blue with green grass surrounding it.

In order to get there you do not need to be confused, just follow the cheap tour package Nusa Penida along. If You like diving and exploring underwater, snorkel packages list only Nusa Penida.