Thousand Islands Nusa Penida

Thousand Islands Nusa Penida – If told to mention one by one about nusa penida destinations will not be endless. Although small in size compared to the island of Bali, but still lots of places that make you dazzled. Even according to the experience of the person doing the Tour Nusa Penida, you have to stay a few days when a visit to the island. Many foreign tourists who love to follow tour package Nusa Penida snorkel.

They want to see the beauty of Nusa Penida nautical sea teeming with fish, Manta and various other uniqueness. In addition, its natural and not so many visitors, is promising the tranquility for those looking to get away from the noise. Plus white sand, tebung high, Hill, limestone caves and others. one of the day trip nusa penida destination to the thousand Islands. This Is thousand Islands

The Natural Beauty of Thousand Islands Nusa Penida

The thousand islands is a hill that is located above sea level, so the view is truly amazing. First impressions caused when you see this place was amazed, amazed and grateful. Because you are going to choose rocks and cliffs composed charmingly like thousand-island of dunes to protect it. With panoramic views of nature that is so, it is not the purpose of the tour package Nusa Penida snorkeling.

To Tour Nusa Penida in Thousand islands, certainly become an unforgettable memorable experience especially for those of you who don’t want to dive. The journey is not easy, you will go through the path, and then down the hill which is a bit steep. There is a natural staircase from ground limestone and deliberately constructed by local citizens in easy access to the thousand islands.

The Uniqueness Of The Thousand Islands Nusa Penida

In the section on the slippery ground and easy avalanche, added buffer to handle wood as secure as it passes through the streets. Medan is not smooth and a bit challenging this highly preferred trekking lovers. A sense of tired and jaded because down the Hill and through the Moor will be gone after arriving on the thousand islands. Tour Nusa Penida destinations which serves the middle of the ocean with beaches and small islands that are lined.

While the immediate vicinity of the thousand Islands appear also cliffs and hills. At the edge of the Hill is given to border to keep wood security and safety travelers do day trip Nusa Penida. At the other end of the hill there is a simple facility as a place of rest or small equipped wantilan padmasana for worshipping.

Many say that the thousand Islands landscape almost as in Raja Ampat, Papua. With the price of package tours to the Nusa Penida, certainly more and make the visitors interested in there. Not only serve as a destination tour package nusa penida snorkel, but also to see the scenery with the best view.

The location and Access of the Thousand Islands Nusa Penida

The thousand islands are located in the Banjar Pelilit, Tanglad, Nusa Penida, Klungkung, Bali. For to this island you have to drive a little over 1 hour from the port of Buyuk. After arriving at the parking area of the vehicle, You went on a trip with a walk for 15 minutes.