Tembeling Springs Water Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida attraction as if it never existed. Not only a sea full of fish Manta, stunning cliffs, temples and sacred spring waters. Tour Nusa Penida is indeed known as tourist destinations to calm themselves. A few years ago, the island is still very quiet and it’s already quite crowded, but not sepadat Bali. Any beautiful surroundings and its fresh blue.

The most popular in Nusa Penida is a Tembeling springs. It lies hidden and became one of the sacred springs or considered sacred by the community there. To enjoy the freshness and the landscape, requiring energy and hard struggle. Because, it is located in the middle of a forest far from the settlement of citizens. Its location day Trip Nusa Penida is inaccessible using the vehicle. You must walk by stepping on the cliff rocks.

The Beauty Natural of Tembeling Springs Nusa Penida

The area of the Tembeling springs must be one in tour package Nusa Penida you visit. Because of these springs have good views, unique and can make you feel at peace. In addition referred to as Tembeling springs, also known as Natural Swimming Tembeling by surrounding residents. The trip goes into this spring could not directly traversed by vehicles. Layout of parking are far from the area

In addition as a tour nusa penida snorkel destination also support activity for trekking or just cool off. It’s because of the way to its very attractive and have an amazing landscape. The diameter of the outdoor fountain Tembeling roughly around 5-6 metres in the middle of the forest, between the towering tebih. According to the experience of travellers who hold a day trip Nusa Penida, it’s very exotic Tembeling springs.

Around the fountain, there is a place which Tembeling soothing throat with water clean clear nan. Even if thirsty, this water can drinking your direct and certainly a great relief of throat. Based on the story of the citizens about the location of this Tour Package Nusa Penida, Tembeling Springs found by pregnant accidentally. At the time, pregnant women do not deliberately go into the forest to pursue her cow. Unexpectedly, there is a spring that is clean, clear and natural.

Because of these springs were discovered by pregnant women called beling, then named Springs Tembeling. Because of the clarity that is the wellspring of Tembeling serve as the source of the Springs by surrounding residents. Appears water pipes that are long in the area. But, right now it’s been made for day trip nusa penida destinations. So, every day crowded tourists both domestic and foreign tourists.

For society, it’s not just the location of the springs, but also as a place of ritual for religious ceremonies. Need a hard struggle to get up on the site this spring. You should be prepared through the steep terrain, steep and slippery. There are other things to keep in mind and should not be violated when you follow the tour package Nusa Penida in Tembeling Springs Water. There are two large ponds and should only be for men.

While the small pool located near the beach was used by the women. So, you should just follow the rules. Tembeling springs is indeed close to the coast, not just water. But rocks also unique brownish white. In addition, you can also see a cave which became the liaison between the Tembeling springs. Voices of birds and some other animals will accompany you for there.

Location and Access the Tembeling Springs Nusa Penida

Tembeling springs in the administration including the region of the Batumadeg, Nusa Penida, Klungkung Bali. After arriving in the port of Sampalan, it took 1 hour to get to the springs. You can use the bike or drive prepared by service providers day trip nusa penida.