Suwehan Beach Nusa Penida

Want to go to Bali but with a unique and different place? Then mending tour Nusa Penida only. Nusa Penida is a small island which is separated from the island of Bali, but still be in one of the Islands. Nusa Penida tour presents the site fun, soothing and can be for a romantic honeymoon. Tour Package Nusa Penida offers many beaches complete with great cliffs.

The edge of any big waves, when it struck a cliff will be a soothing natural tones of the strains of thought. The pas to refresing, one of the beaches that are so hunting when the day trip Nusa Penida is the Suwehan Beach. Beautiful beaches, but access requires quite a struggle. However, when already up at the location, the whole sense of weariness and tired you will be paid off.

The Natural Beauty of Suwehan Beach

Suwehan Beach of Nusa Penida is situated in secret and far below the cliff. Its journey past the candhi Bentar and some stairs. In addition, there is also Daseh temple that is located in the village of Watas, exactly above the Suwehan beach. So, if you follow the tour package Nusa Penida to Sawahan will visit some tourist destinations at once. The island is not just for tour Nusa Penida snorkel, but also suitable for trekking.

With a trip to this Suwehan beach, you can do trekking activities. Because to get to the beach in Suwehan, you should walk on the side of a cliff or precipice. You will also be exploring forests and bushes, green fun if done together with friends or family. During day trip Nusa Penida, you will see the beautiful surrounding scenery.

The blue sea along with sturdy cliffs and caves are also a place for gathering of swallows. However, the location of the cave far enough and can only be seen from a height. There is also a discralized spring. Therefore it should not be used for bathing, her water used residents for religious ceremonies. From that springs, already close to the beach.

The Uniqueness Of Suwehan Beach Nusa Penida

Upon arrival at the Suwehan beach you will be treated to views of Nusa Penida nature. The vast expanse of white sand and clean water as well as waking blue sea and limpid. It’s no wonder why people doing the day trip Nusa Penida here feel welcome and glad. No matter the situation calm there is not as many as when visiting the island of Bali. You can play around or bathing on the beach.

If the bath remains guarded, not to the middle because of dangerous, do not get passed the red flag. Instead, note the first waves of water conditions, if calm means safe for bathing and playing. On the beach there are Suwehan rocks great jineng, small and some are high. Its shape and taper can be said to be unique. Many a traveller held tour package Nusa Penida photograph in this rock. Beaches like the letter U.

Layout and access to Suwehan Beach

Suwehan beach is located at the southeastern end of Nusa Penida Island in Watas, Tanglad, Nusa Penida. From the village of Tanglad you have to walk about 300 meters with narrow streets, steep decline. Could be a solution for those of you who don’t like tour Nusa Penida snorkel.