Sabela Beach Nusa Penida

Sabela beach is one of the purposes of cheap tour package nusa penida that offer panoramic views stunning beaches. Nusa Penida seem endlessly areas presents a riveting and beautiful tourists. The island is also often serve as destinations for tour nusa penida snorkel who always look for foreign tourists.

Its location adjacent to atuh beach, approximately 19 km from the Sub. It used to be the natural beauty of the Sabela Beach could only be enjoyed by local residents only. But as time went on and the promotion of Nusa Penida, Sabela Beach already crowded both domestic and foreigner. Lots of reasons for you to visit it, then don’t ever miss this beach is in the list of your day trip nusa penida. This Is Sabela Beach Nusa Penida

Charm Stunning of Sabela Beach

If the Sabela beach, should not only think for tour Nusa Penida Snorkeling. But, take advantage of the coastal cliffs, try thinking of getting a big fish as a meal when hungry stomach. Well, you should try fishing the fish were there. It also includes the pristine beaches, unspoiled charm. By sitting on a cliff, you already feel the feel of Eve and the panorama is different.

The beaches around the atuh beach is often referred to as Raja Lima main options and shows destinations East tour package Nusa Penida. Won’t complete it feels when you don’t come to a memukai that Sabela Beach. Especially for you who want to get away from the noisy bustle of the city it is. On the Sabela Beach, you can make the mind calm, relaxed and away from the problem.

Another way to enjoy the beautiful Sabela Beach is you have to come in the morning. Certainly the air is very cold, but at that time you can see the new Sunrise want to emit light to our Earth. In addition, you will also witness the views of Mount Rinjani, Lombok, an interesting view to capture the moment. Twas all a moment of holiday in day trip nusa penida unforgettable.

Location and How to enjoy the Natural beach of Nusa Penida Sabela

For those of you who want to do snorkeling Nusa Penida or visit the best places, can use our tour package nusa penida service. We are always ready to help you organize your trip to Nusa Penida include Beach Sabela. Tour nusa penida service was able to become a partner of the right vacation and give the whole tourist satisfaction for you. We have the best vehicle to take you down the nature of Nusa Penida are still beautiful.

Previously access to the attractions of the Sabela Beach path is hard to reach because of which do not allow. Now the road repaired and can be reached by vehicle. So, the more we ease in travel day trip nusa penida. Soon to plan a vacation best comfort you with us.