Molenteng Tree House Nusa Penida

Molenteng Tree House g tourist attraction is a series of tour package Nusa Penida not to be missed. Bali, is a tourist area for local and foreign tourists from all over the world. Always been a favorite tourist destinations for a vacation because of the beauty of nature and the Customs and traditions are preserved so that it becomes an attraction for tourists.

In the Southeast, there is the island of Nusa Penida, the island is are part of Klungkung Regency. Currently, Nusa Penida island is already famous for tourists because it has a charming panorama that spoil the tourists when explored it. Many tourists who make it as tour Nusa Penida snorkel destination, especially foreign tourists. The beach with white sand, green hills, cliffs and reefs on the edge is a defining feature. The following review about tree houses molenteng nusa penida.

Charm Molenteng Tree House Nusa Penida

Tree House Molenteng one of the day trip nusa penida destinations that have managed to attract tourists to come to Nusa Penida. The hills above look with amazing views will make everyone see it felt admiration because of the arrangement of cliffs and rocks as a fortress to protect the Hill. The location of the Molenteng tree house this is the road to the beach is also known as the Atuh Beach Nusa Penida.

Access to Molenteng is it was not easy, but when you get and set foot in a molenteng tree house (Thousand Islands), all the tiredness will vanish. Because of the scenic beach with the small islands located in the middle of the ocean. Around them there are cliffs towering over the Hill. It is amazing!

Not only that, there is also a Molenteng tree house that also became a popular tourist destination for visitors to tour package Nusa Penida. This little tree house is strong and secure and is located in the tree that has a lot of branches so that the visitors can get there. You must climb the wooden stairs composed presentable and ropes as handles to achieve it.

From the House of the tree, you can see amazing sights like the expanse of the sea and cliffs with waves. Although not a snorkeling spot of tour Nusa Penida, but visit it You can get the best vacation satisfaction.

Location and access to the Molenteng Tree House Nusa Penida

The location of the Molenteng tree house in Banjar Pelilit, Tanglad Village, Nusa Penida. From the port of Buyuk, to achieve the purpose of day trip Nusa Penida is takes around 1 hour away by car. So until, from the parking lot, you will continue the journey with trekking around 15 minutes past the trail and down the hill which is a bit steep.

While trekking, you will pass a simple ladder made by local people from the land and limestone. Because it is quite slippery, there is a strap that doubles as a handle that crossed along the way.. This is quite challenging and testing the adrenaline rush of visitors. Prepare the perfect time to enjoy cheap tour package Nusa Penida or just select snorkel destinations for who love diving.