Manta Point Nusa Penida

There are lots of places to tour Nusa Penida for dive because its territory has an underwater view of nan exotic. Beautiful beaches, the cliffs surrounding big tebih-a sturdy once wracked by waves off the ocean. The sound of the sea waves like a tinkling music nature pampering ears. Therefore, the island is very suitable as a tour destination in Nusa Penida by people who want tranquility.

They will not waste the time, energy and costs when the tour package Nusa Penida because all it would terbayarkan after witnessing its natural condition. There you can see the pure environment and have not much experience of development. The wind is blowing at the world-famous ease you fell asleep when doing the trip of Nusa Penida. Many service providers who provide day trip Nusa Penida snorkel destinastion. The best place is the Manta Point dive, this is about reviews!

Manta Point Nusa Penida

If you follow the snorkeling of tour package Nusa Penida, do not forget to select the area of Manta Point. Manta Point is a limestone outcrop from Tanjung Pandan which is located in the western part of the island of Nusa Penida. You will witness a spectacular water view if selecting the Manta Point as a location for tour nusa penida dive. A large limestone cliff and always swept by powerful waves all year round.

It is indeed a bit difficult to conquer this dive site due to the large waves sometimes like waves of the Indian Ocean. If you dive in this spot then, can be a memorable experience when doing a day trip Nusa Penida. Because every day there are fish or fish-manta rays are big and beautiful. Its waters are also rich in plankton that always fascinates the sea birds in search of food.

The Uniqueness Of The Manta Point Nusa Penida

The good news is when you choose Manta Point as a series of day trip Nusa Penida is because it acts as a Centre for cleaning. So, you have a great opportunity to see Manta fish at close range and they behave quietly. Really can make cheap tour package Nusa Penida. Her body is great with the wings more than 3 meters and has a unique skin motif.

If you come right in the post cleanup, fish manta will circle the You that is a wonderful thing. Certainly great fun if the fish is great and wonderful swim near you. They act on casual divers and quiet not to pursue it. To that end, don’t miss a valuable opportunity that when you hold a tour Nusa penida.

The dry season is a great time to watch fish Manta swim and play. Not just one, but dozens and dozens of fish manta swim calmly and was pleased when your bubbles tickle their belly. In Manta Point is you can see the fish and sunfish mola-mola that is not less beautiful. The depth of the Manta Point is estimated to be 7-20 metres, then divers who are already professionals.

Prepare the camera enables you to take pictures from the best position the big Manta fish. If you are doing a day trip Nusa Penida has not experienced diving, can see the beach panorama only. Craving a vacation could be satisfied though not down because its surroundings are so beautiful.