Crystal Bay Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida has been recognized as a destination for snorkeling and a memorable place to cool off for the tourists. By doing a tour Nusa Penida, you will get the satisfaction and benefits on a vacation of its own when compared to other places. Nusa Penida region Tour can be described as the natural environment and soothes. The island offers stunning views with the fresh breeze and nautical tourism.

Many are already feeling if day trip Nusa Penida is cheaper than to the island of Bali. One of the best most crowded beaches visit is Crystal Bay Nusa Penida. Coastal landforms can be conjured any eyes of tourists looked on, so as to make them enjoy spending time there. Especially when the sun sets in the evening, you will see beautiful panoramas with obvious.

This Is The Crystal Bay Nusa Penida

Crystal Bay Beach is actually another name from the beach Penida. Indeed from this beach used to be visited, but still rare. Until when there are foreign tourists who travel tour package nusa penida, they dazzled will beauty of this beach. Crystal waters is indeed so clear, if exposed to the Sun will be sparkling like crystal.

Then they named the beautiful picturesque beaches like this crystal by Crystal Bay Beach. The beach is also the destination of the tour Nusa Penida snorkeling because its bottom also has a beauty all its own. Arriving at the beach, you are instantly greeted by the expanse of white sand by the sea waves. There are already several stalls which can help you when you are hungry on a tour of Nusa Penida.

According to the Nusa Penida Tour is very beautiful which features comfortable and quiet atmosphere for any visitors. Its in there is an atoll or coral island is about 1 acre that has become an icon of Crystal Bay. You will see a temple named Jineng Stone and produced by above the coral island. To get to the Temple, you continue the Day Trip Nusa Penida using boats rented from locals.

The distance between the coral island with the shore approximately 50 meters. The existence of two Cliff Hill with beautiful and trees flanking the beach full add to the beauty of this area. If you want to fully enjoy the view of Crystal Bay, climb to the top of the Hill to the West. In part it is a ladder to reach the top. You will be thankful for God’s paintings and unrelenting chuckled in awe.

To maintain the security and safety tourists, officials form the Balawisata i.e. the rescue Agency Tourism Tirta. Its task is to monitor the condition of the beach and noticed all the gestures of visitors. If something bad happens, they will immediately act.

Location and access to Crystal Bay Bali Nusa Penida

To reach the Crystal Bay Beach, you could cross using a fast boat which may have been provided by the service tour package Nusa Penida. After arriving in the port of Nusa Penida, then to its shores which takes 30-40 minutes with kendraan. Crystal Bay is located in Banjar Village, penida, Nusa Penida. Start to plan tour Nusa Penida snorkeling in the Crystal bay beach.