Bulian Beach Nusa Penida

Bulian Beach is the destination inexpensive of tour package Nusa Penida new virginity. The beach is included in the promotion by the Government of Klungkung Bali and has a beauty and to naturally no less with the beaches of tour Nusa Penida others. Bulian Beach indeed untouched by Government or private arrangements. Its area is still unspoiled and very pleasant to visit.

In addition to the Nusa Penida for snorkeling, you can enjoy the natural beauty and soothing. The location of the beach of the Moon is in Banjar Penangkidan, Bungamekar, Nusa Penida. To provide the convenience of access to the day trip nusa penida destinations local governments are attempting to provide adequate public facilities. By the way which strives to improve badly damaged. This is Bulian Beach Nusa Penida!

The charm of the Bulian Beach Nusa Penida

The bulian beach adjacent to the Kelingking beach and to reach it, took the fight. This is because the streets leading into the tour package Nusa Penida is quite challenging and new location found. So, there is no special care to develop the territory as the beaches on the island of Bali. But after arriving at its shores, exhausted lips you will be directly paid off.

From the air that blow could have guessed how the beauty of this place. Then, looking at the expanse of water with a sea blue to green-forage is certainly fun. While the sand on the beach is like in other beaches equipped fine gravel or rocks around the coast. If seen more, is not really a beach, but a cluster of bluffs that form the several naturally beaches.

The dashes of a powerful ocean waves capable of making holes in the rock. Bulian Beach suitable for casual place to spend vacation time together with couples or families. The View nice to produce photographs with attractive spot. Friendly friendly citizens around Beach time You graced Bulian participated when they visit the coast Bulian. In addition to the tour Nusa Penida snorkel, try to play the water or sand.

How to enjoy a vacation on the bulian beach

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