Budha Temple Point Nusa Penida

If you already talked about Bali the island of gods, it will not be endless. Because there there are lots of tourist destinations that refreshing the mind. In recent years this Nusa Penida is one small island into the discussion. Not only domestic, but also foreign tourists. Many tourists who held a tour Nusa Penida for enjoying the beauty of its bottom.

In addition to being a destination of day trip Nusa Penida for diving and snorkeling Tour also serve as moneylenders fatigue. Because, its not up to tourist spots in Bali. So, it is suitable to cool down. In fact, not a few people who say the tour package Nusa Penida is cheaper than on the island of Bali itself. One of the destinations You shouldn’t miss while following the package tours to the Nusa Penida is a Buddha temple under its.

The Natural Beauty of Budha Temple Point Nusa Penida

The natural environment of Nusa Penida’s natural taste for tourists linger there. They do a lot of activities, mainly select the tour package Nusa Penida snorkeling. Its pure still save the beautiful marine life and distinctive. Fish-nice little fish swim freely around there and shellfish-clams unique still strewn along its North. That’s a little picture on Nusa Penida.

On the sea area of Nusa Penida is saving a Buddha temple known as used for diving activities. Tour Nusa Penida will not be complete yet enjoy the exotic and beauty Buddha statue complete with effigies-stupanya it. The temple shows if the Balinese people managed to preserve the culture and preserved.

Initially, the underwater location of the Buddha temple is empty and is not interesting. However, later transformed by the public into an amazing underwater life, artistic and religious value. Buddha temple are placed along with the stupanya-styled stupa along beneath the sea to become the best views and memorable for anyone doing a day trip Nusa Penida.

The uniqueness of the Diving to the Budha Temple

You will feel unique when you follow a tour package Nusa Penida snorkel region of Buddha temple. Based on the story of tour guides, the Buddha temple was made over 10 years that could be reached at a depth of 7 meters. You can watch it with free diving when implementing the day trip Nusa Penida. Since it has long been embedded beneath the sea that is the statue already looks mossy.

Actually not just her body part, Mossy also already overgrown with soft corals and anemones. While the stupas like stupas on the Candhi Borobudur used small ornamental fishes play. Remember, you must be careful when diving a little toned and the current because it’s not a far-away from the ship. Generally, a ship that is used for tour package nusa penida provide straps for easy diver rising to the surface.

Capture Your moment of togetherness with Budha temple and its stupas it. Will definitely be selfie best and unforgettable experience as it can dive under the sea. Where again there are tourist destinations that offer underwater views of culture and the arts.

Location and access to the Budha Temple Nusa Penida

Buddha temple is near between Ceningan Island, Nusa Penida island and Nusa lembongan. The best diving is when time travel day trip nusa penida snorkel. Well, ask Your guide tour Nusa Penida to tell the exact location of the Buddha temple under the sea.