Banah Cliff Nusa Penida

Tour Nusa Penida is indeed full of amazing beaches. Thus the island of Nusa Penida fits in well made in tour package Nusa Penida snorkel destination. The beauty of the ocean bottom into the attraction of tourists to visit it. One of the attractions which presents a picturesque coastal scenery is Banah Beach Nusa penida.

This place is popular because visitors can share its activities in Banah Cliff to all her friends in social networking. Photo taken while Tour Nusa Penida, then shared to social media and eventually a lot of people who see and interested berkunjungi. Even had the photos it became a trending topic. Then, popular and up to now the favorite tourist spots day trip Nusa Penida.

The Natural Beauty of Banah Beach Nusa Penida

Usually banah cliff on the beach Banah became one of the locations visited and used as cheap tour package Nusa Penida. In Banah Cliff, you can enjoy the cool breeze because there were a lot of trees and green. The views will appear when the rainy season, but if the dry season the Saint differently. You have to be careful when traveling on the impression. Cliff passed quite dangerous.

Waves is great and if you hit her, might be crashing. It will be good, you be polite and courteous when visiting Banah Cliff, don’t alay overload. In addition, avoid litter to keep the beaches clean. Should be and don’t be sloppy or excessive do when tour Nusa Penida.

The Uniqueness Of Banah Cliff Nusa Penida

Arriving at the Banah Beach, you could see a big cliff. This huge cliff in the middle of the ocean and the like help small letter N because the core is pierced. While in the upper part covered with shady trees, whereas originally it was the limestone cliffs. But, still the trees can flourish there. High cliffs about 200 m above sea level.

From the top of Banah Cliff, you can feel the stunning sensation. You can view Manta Point very well liked tourist that his hobby of tour Nusa Penida dive. In the area of the cliffs has a vast pasture area, so it could be an interesting photograph as an object. Along the path to the location of the day trip Nusa Penida, you will become a beautiful scenery.

Location and Access Banah Cliff Nusa Penida

For the location of Banah Cliff or banah beach himself was at Batumadeg, Nusa Penida, Klungkung, Bali. If you choose tour package Nusa Penida from one provider, it certainly doesn’t need to be puzzling over access. If You do not like the package snorkeling tour Nusa Penida, sitting just above the Banah Cliff, while looking at the expanse of the sea. It might just get to see Manta Rays.