Atuh Hill Nusa Penida

Although the small island of Nusa Penida, but Bali has many tourist destinations are able to indulge the eye and the mind. This island belongs to the place that is natural and not many buildings stand. Not many industries that create pollution and the air is very fresh. Tour Nusa Penida is also popular among foreign tourists. They are there to follow day trip Nusa Penida for snorkel because its bottom is fabulous.

When the Nusa Penida tour do not forget to stop by the sights of the Hill Atuh Nusa Penida. The Hill actually become one with its shores so often referred to as the Atuh. Every Trip to the beach in Nusa Penida has its own uniqueness. In order to save expenditure select to cheap tour package Nusa Penida. So, your bags not thinned after the completion of the holiday.

The Natural Beauty Atuh Hill Nusa Penida

At the base of the hill there is a beach that has the Atuh white sands of the beautiful expanse of soft comfort. Because the sand that make the visitors comfortable playing on the beach. While on the front part there is the island with the characters almost as in Raja Ampat. Its shape is like a rock that looks unique, taper the ends if seen.

Does require a little bit of a struggle to reach the Atuh Hill or Atuh beach. Its coast stretches about 500 meters and can serve as the best trekking destinations in Bali. If you want to get to the atuh beach when tour Nusa Penida, you need to walk more or less 45 minutes.

Bypassing moorland and cliffs of the steep hill, but good to be enjoyed. You will feel a pleasant Eve although its quite difficult. Even so, tired and tired will be paid after seeing the natural beauty. You will feel more calm, relaxed and peaceful after arriving there.

Do day trip Nusa Penida is indeed the way vacation is right for a busy every day. Because the island is mainly the Hill or beach Atuh. The atmosphere there calm and can bring your brain into a relaxed carefree. Although now not quiet first, but can still be used for a pleasant relax. Even if you already have activity there with cheap tour package Nusa Penida, lazy you will return home.

Not only tranquillity but also maintained clean. Big waves is the typical sound and seem to welcome the tourists. Many travelers said that the Atuh beach area is like Rajaampat Papua. Truly remarkable natural panoramic beautiful with bright blue water and unsightly. It would be yummy, if you bring enough stock to eat there.

Layout and access to Atuh Hill or Atuh Beach

Site Atuh Beach this is great for those of you who do not currently follow a snorkel tour package Nusa Penida. The location of this Hill in Banjar Pelilit, Pejukutan, Nusa Penida, Klungkung, Bali. From the Harbour to Nusa Penida Sampalan to Atuh Hill, while travel approximately 30-45 minutes. His way up and down the Hill, arguably quite draining.

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